What Should You Consider When Purchasing a Security Door?

25 February 2020
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A security door is an important addition to your home's security needs and that is why you need to be careful when buying one. When you are in the market for a security door, there are key factors that stand out or indicate that you are getting a quality security door or quality service. The following includes some of these factors:

Australian Standards

All security doors are required to meet various Australian standards; this way, local governments can ensure that people are receiving quality products. If you don't find a set of numbers marked on the security door (either engraved on the security door or printed on a piece of paper stuck to the security door) usually starting with an AS, that security door might not have met the required security door Australian standards.

Everything You Need in One Place

When purchasing a security door, you may find it easier, economical and convenient to get all security door services from one particular company. That is, you should obtain a security door, locks, hinges and transport and installation services from the same security door company. If this is not the case, you might find that you may either spend more money hiring different companies or waste a lot of time having different companies fit your door and its components. You might also need the companies you hire to communicate with each other to ensure you get the right fixtures.

Variety of Materials and Customisation

Of course, you might have a particular design in mind for your security door. It might involve a combination of different materials to meet your particular needs, which can be security, aesthetics, ventilation, etc. You want a security door company that offers customisation services and one that is equipped with different security door materials like stainless steel, wood, aluminium, etc.

You should also know that stainless steel is more impact-resistant than other materials, meaning it can handle high amounts of break-in forces.

Advice and Recommendation

Look out for a security door company that gives you advice. For example, you should hear things like choosing a particular material because it is the most suitable for the needs you highlighted, choosing a three-bolt lock system because it offers better security than a single lock system, reinforcing your security by adding sensors, alarms and CCTV, etc.

The advice and recommendations given should not be a way of making you buy products for the benefit of the company, but because you will benefit by meeting your security needs.