Three Important Tips for Planning for Commercial Fire Door Installation

8 March 2021
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The installation of fire doors in your commercial building could improve the level of protection for the people on the premises. In general, a fire door is beneficial as a passive fire protection measure because it isolates the fire for a period. This delays the spread of the flames. In an emergency, the doors will provide more time for people to vacate the building. Moreover, the compartmentalisation of the fire means that extinguishing will be more effective. If you are planning on installing fire doors in your building, use these tips for effective planning.

Choose a Certified Door

You should make sure that you have chosen a certified fire door for your building. It is important not to assume that a tough and durable door will act as a passive fire protection unit. Keep in mind that there are special standards that must be upheld in the fabrication of fire doors. You can avoid making a mistake by checking the details indicated for the door or requesting certification from the manufacturer or vendor. Also, check the period over which the door will be able to resist the fire before breakdown.

Inspect the Condition

It is advisable to assess the condition of the fire door before the installation process begins. You should note that the feature will not work effectively if there is damage. In general, fire doors are tough and can withstand harsh conditions. However, you should still check for dents and cracks in the structure. Also, look out for any forms of damage along the edges which could affect the fitting of the door. For instance, compromised corners could make the door vulnerable to fire.

Think About the Framing

A fire door must cover the door opening perfectly for effective fire protection. In simple terms, when the feature is fitted over the opening in the building, it must not leave gaps around it. If there are spaces, there will be a high risk of the fire spreading faster. Therefore, you must ensure that the door framing and the fire door are a good match. In an ideal situation, one should purchase these two elements together from the same manufacturer. This is the best way to guarantee complete fire protection. Alternatively, you can check the manufacturer's specifications for a compatible frame and plan for purchase or fabrication.

Installing a good commercial fire door is a challenging process. Therefore, you should choose a fire door installation professional for help for optimal fire protection on your property.