What Should You Think About When Purchasing Security Doors?

19 March 2021
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A security door is a huge, heavy and solid door meant to withstand any forces, impacts and burglar attempts. Since you don't want to risk your safety, consider the following factors when purchasing a security door:

Security Door Cost

Do not compromise security features for pricing. Even though it might sound like a cliché, cheap is expensive. You might purchase a cheap security door trying to save a buck and find that a burglar had an easy time breaking into your house. The loss you could face is far greater than the amount you invest in the security door. That said, let a security door specialist visit your home, conduct an inspection, ask you different questions and then enlighten you on the different security doors available and how they suit your premises.

Security Door Material Composition

The two most common security door materials are steel and hardwood. You might find that since wooden doors have to be extra thick, they might be more expensive than thicker steel doors.

If you feel like you must get a wooden security door because of its aesthetic appeal, but you cannot afford it, keep in mind that steel doors can be finished to resemble timber. You could save some money without compromising on security.

Aluminium is considered durable, but it is not impact-resistant. Therefore, for a security door, try and lean more towards timber and steel.

Security Door Frames and Locks

Just because a security door is made versatile, don't forget that the security door frame and locks are weak points. Use qualified, licensed and experienced security door installers; do not DIY. They will ensure that there are no weak points on any joints.

Security door specialists will also recommend different types of locks. Consider things like the level of security, the convenience, and the addition of CCTV cameras and alarms. Again, don't compromise on anything for lower prices. However, you can always try to haggle for a better price.

Australian Standard Marking

All security doors must pass through tests to confirm that they can withstand the forces and burglar attempts they claim to endure.

If a security door passes these tests, it is marked with some numbers and letters, and you might see the letters "AS" somewhere. This is the Australian standard marking that acts as an assurance that you are buying a quality door. It is a way for the government to ensure that citizens are accessing quality and genuine products. Always look out for such markings.

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