Three Important Tips for Planning for Commercial Fire Door Installation

8 March 2021
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The installation of fire doors in your commercial building could improve the level of protection for the people on the premises. In general, a fire door is beneficial as a passive fire protection measure because it isolates the fire for a period. This delays the spread of the flames. In an emergency, the doors will provide more time for people to vacate the building. Moreover, the compartmentalisation of the fire means that extinguishing will be more effective. Read More 

Three Important Guidelines for Effective Fire Protection Testing

22 February 2021
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The initial installation of fire protection systems does not guarantee long-term safety in case of a fire. In simple terms, the components or devices which are set up to detect and suppress fire will deteriorate over time. If you neglect these elements, they will decline in function, and they will not work as expected. As a result, your building will be vulnerable to fires. Therefore, you should plan for fire testing for your protection systems. Read More